Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In Mom's words, today was a mixed bag. She wasn't feeling great most of the day, queasy and nauseous with minimal appetite. She ate a few bites of breakfast, felt sick, went to sleep. Then she walked a bit, sat outside in the sunshine and enjoyed a few bites of lunch with Ross and her BFF. Then another bout of nausea and fatigue, so another nap. In the late afternoon, she finally found her appetite and was able to eat a decent amount of leftover Pad Thai. Then another nap. I think the naps were due in equal parts to fatigue and stomach discomfort. I'm not sure what triggers her discomfort these days; if it's the new chemo, there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason for the side effects. One day she feels energetic and hungry, then the next she's sleeping all day.

I also suspect that she may be a little nervous about the biopsy results. It's unsettling in any case to have a mysterious medical condition and the last test brought such disappointing news. I think all of us are on edge a little bit, waiting for these biopsy results. Everyone in my family seems to be a little queasy today.

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