Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last night I spent the night with Mom. We had a great night, asleep by 9pm, then up a few times to pee, but basically slept until 7am. I feel sort of guilty about it, but I always sleep a lot at the Kline with Mom. Probably because I'm always still a little bit on EST and can fall asleep at 9pm...

Today was another strong day. Mom ate well, exercised strong and was in good spirits. Today, as yesterday, she got very uncomfortable after lunch, with stomach cramps and sharp pains. A heating pad helped alleviate it and after about an hour and a half, she was feeling better. This morning she had a bath, which is one of my favorite activities. She was also weighed before her bath: still weighing in at 89 pounds. I guess this is good news in that she hasn't lost any more weight. We'd all like the weight to go back up, but stopping weight loss is the first step.

Tonight we had a great family dinner; Ross and Claudia joined us and we had Thai food for the first time since Mom's been sick. Thai is always a mother-daughter favorite and we usually enjoy it when Dad can't join us for whatever reason. But tonight he happily ate swimming rama as the rest of us shared curry and pad thai. Mom has been working on feeding herself and today she ate both breakfast and dinner sitting up on the side of her bed, feeding herself. So much progress everyday.

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