Monday, May 9, 2011


I flew back home today, but my flight was so early that I said goodbye to my parents last night. That was rough. I don't have set return plans, so it's hard to know when exactly I'll be back and what state Mom will be in then. It had been an emotional week and Mother's Day was sort of the culmination of that.

Mother's Day itself was great, though. Mom was energetic and upbeat, eating like a champ, entertaining visitors in the morning then hanging out with the family all afternoon. Mom had originally wanted to go out to eat (having eaten not just breakfast, but every meal for the past five months, in bed), but we realized that with a weakened immune system, a restaurant full of children (aka germ machines) probably wasn't the best idea. So we brought dinner in, and made a dining table out of two hospital tables and everyone sat and ate like a normal family. Mom has been making strides in feeding herself and has been doing quite well. It was really nice for my parents and Mom loved it.

Today we had two bouts of good news. The first is that Mom gained 3 pounds! She has been eating a lot more: bigger portions at meals and calorie-dense snacks. It's paying off; her stomach is noticeably more comfortable and she's stronger. The other good news is that in PT today, she walked stairs for the first time. Up 15 stairs to be exact, then back down. She said it was hard, but was clearly proud of herself.

Early tomorrow morning she goes back to Bellevue to begin her new chemotherapy treatment. This is planned for once a month, and we have no idea how Mom will tolerate it. All we can do is hope for mild side effects and a positive physical response. So, tumors: GO AWAY

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