Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Another gorgeous day in Seattle. The day began with my parents heading over to Bellevue for Mom's CT scan. She received prep meds 13 hours before (9:30pm), 7 hours before (3:30am) and 1 hour before (9:30am) and then got an IV infusion at the testing site. The last CT scan she had, she had to drink a barium solution which made her so so so sick, so it was a relief for her to be able to have it via IV. Mom had been nervous about the scan because of that, so she was so happy to have everything be so much easier today. The CT scan took all of 15 minutes, and then back to the Kline.

Ross and I followed the ambulance back and arrived right at lunch time, which Mom ate at least 3/4 of (fried rice and an egg roll). Then she had an absolutely amazing PT session. She walked so far without the walker. SO far-all the way down the hall twice, then back to the gym to ride the bike for 10 minutes. Then on the mat for some assisted stretching. Then finally back to the room for a snack: an entire plate of left over pad thai. Then, finally, a nap. She slept very well for about an hour and a half, then decided that it was time to go outside. We took her up in the wheelchair and sat in the sunshine for almost an hour; the trees are all in bloom and Ross picked blossoms for her to smell.

Then a huge dinner (beef stew, potatoes, cake, cookies, cucumber salad, tea and a delicious mango puree/ginger ale cocktail) while we hung out with friends and family. After dinner Ross and Dad watched the Mariners and Mom mused that baseball always makes her hungry for peanuts. We didn't have any peanuts, so she made do with pistachios. Seriously, she ate so so well today-it was great.

I'm spending the night again tonight-hooray for girls' night!

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  1. So happy to hear about the relatively easy scan, all the walking, the trip outside, the great appetite. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!