Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The last two days were good for both Mom and me.

Yesterday: Mom: had friends come early in the day so I could take Gary to the doctor, had a nice shower and an intense physical therapy session that was challenging, but didn't leave her sick. Me: Gary tested negative for strep throat (though he still has a really bad cold), we made our standby flight and even got seats together.

Today: Mom: drove in the car with Dad to the radiation oncologist's office for another X-ray and scan to double make sure the radiation will be administered correctly tomorrow, talked to our favorite nurse there and got a good rundown of pre and post treatment advice and generally felt well throughout the day. Me: I didn't have to be at work until noon today, so I slept until 9am. Seriously! Nine glorious hours of sleep. Yum.

Tomorrow will be Mom's first appointment where she actually gets radiation. The last radiation treatment was exhausting and uncomfortable, but this treatment should be much more tolerable. The first round of radiation was on her brain, neck and spine: brain radiation is the most tiring to receive, being in the necessary position was painful and frightening, it affected her ability to swallow (also frightening) and she developed a crazy rash on her chest. This time, the position is sitting up, it won't interfere with her swallow or other facial features and it should be far less exhausting than the last round. Plus, she's SO MUCH STRONGER going into this treatment than she was before. She's driving in Dad's car, sitting upright for at least 30 minutes on the way there, then standing as she transitions to the wheelchair. As opposed to being wheeled in a stretcher, hoisted onto a table and rolled into position.

As we enter June, it's a great reminder of far she's come.

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