Thursday, August 11, 2011


Ross spent the night last night with Mom, which is always such a nice thing for so many reasons: Dad gets to sleep at home, shower before going to work and unwind a little bit; Ross doesn't have to wake up early so both he and Mom can sleep in as long as they want; Ross gets lots of quality time and Mom and vice versa, etc etc.

So, sleep in they did. And when Mom did wake up, it was a little easier to swallow than yesterday. Her x-rays came back clean and clear, so that's good news. I suggested that maybe there's something in the room air and if she sleeps with her mouth open, she inhales it and that's what's causing the difficulty. She doesn't think so, though.

The day was a good one: a challenging but rewarding PT session, including 15 minutes on the bike and a bit of a wobbly walk, but still a walk; an afternoon soak in the sun with some friends; an uninterrupted nap in the afternoon...her voice is clear and strong.

This weekend will be a little emotionally challenging: Gary and I have our NYC wedding reception on Saturday. I know my parents are disappointed to miss it and I think it's a reminder or a manifestation of all the things she's missed so far and is going to miss. We also have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow and it's just hard that she can't see the pictures of her future grandchild. I'm hoping that our little Pea (as fetus Cohen is known around our house) will be kicking rather aggressively by next week and she'll be at least able to feel the movement since she can't see the growth.

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