Monday, August 8, 2011


Book club night! Though Mom (and Dad, who gets to listen in as Mom reads) weren't thrilled with this month's selection, it's always nice to have the group over and discuss. Mom looks forward to it-it's a relic of her not-sick life and it's important.

Again construction noise prevented Mom from getting any rest during the day, but it began at a reasonable 9am instead of 6:30am like yesterday. Finally in the later afternoon it was quiet enough for a nap, which she took advantage of. While she awake, she exercised with the physical therapy assistant: walking with assistance, stretching, strengthening exercises and riding the bike for a very respectable 12 minutes. I know her strength is not what it was before her most recent stay at Overlake, but today's therapy session sounded excellent.

On another note, as I was reading last weekend's Times during breakfast this morning, I came across this op-ed piece about the cancer drug shortages. From a political and business perspective, it's an interesting read. From the patient perspective, its very topic is just infuriating and heartbreaking.

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