Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It's always a roller coaster. We were all riding so high after nearly three solid weeks of Mom improving, feeling well, eating, resting and setting stronger. Last night, her incision site started leaking a small amount again. Dad called the nurse immediately, who covered it with sterile gauze strip and monitored it all night. This morning, the Kline doctor (who I may not have mentioned yet, but we love her, Dr. H) looked at it and saw that the gauze had definitely absorbed some fluid.

Back to Urgent Care.

Once there, the staff didn't see anything leaking, but Dad insisted and they were able to see the neurosurgeon. He again applied medical "superglue" and then wrapped Mom's head in a compression bandage, a la a toothache from the turn of the century. Not particularly comfortable, but there's been zero leaking since. And a nurse at the Kline fixed it tonight so that it doesn't go under her chin and is more like a tight headband.

Mom's head hurts.

The good news is that she was able to get a lot of rest today-they were back at the Kline late this morning and Mom had a constant stream of visitors who made sure she slept and rested. She left me a groggy voicemail this afternoon, but by evening sounded more alert and was even eating a little bit of spaghetti and salad.

Ross is spending the night, which is good news all around. He hasn't had that pleasure in a long time, and believe me, it's wonderful. Plus, in theory Dad will get a bit more sleep. He'll definitely get a shower, which is a perk even if he doesn't sleep more than usual. Mom will definitely get to sleep in a little bit more than usual, which is perfect timing.

We're wondering if the massage may have something to do with the leaking. It makes sense that after being flat and face down, with the intention of getting things moving, leaking could start. Mom decided that her next massage will be focused on her lower body. Her ankles and calves are constantly tight and need work and that will be safer for her head. I'm just happy whenever she sets an intention for the future.

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