Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Another good day for Mom. Lately, when I talk with her, she's less groggy after waking up and sounds more upbeat in general. Her BFF was with her this morning and texted me when she left that Mom was SO much stronger than when she last saw her-it was thrilling. I can hear it in her voice and am so excited to see her in person.

Last night after I posted, family brought by Thai food for dinner. Mom said it was the first time since leaving the hospital that she's been excited about food, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't know she hadn't been having much of an appetite, but I was happy to hear that she was excited about eating. I know it can be a chore and I imagine that things don't taste the way they used to all the time, so the image of her enthusiastically eating something is extremely heartwarming.

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