Sunday, August 28, 2011


Mom started feeling the effects of her chemo treatment today: low energy and low appetite. She described it as just not feeling great, not terrible by any means, but just sort of blah. Luckily she had ample napping opportunity and was able to really lay low. We'll see how tomorrow goes with starting back up again with PT and the usual Monday grind.

Back in Brooklyn, I had an anticlimactic first hurricane experience. Exhausted from travel and anxiety, I slept 10 hours last night, completely missing any wind and rain that swept through our streets. I woke up hearing the fan in our bedroom and knew that we hadn't lost power, which was my biggest concern. The first thing I did was text my parents letting them know everything was totally fine-they had slept far less than me, watching the news and worrying about their granddaughter. Maybe that was a factor in Mom's fatigue, also! Our street was strewn with leaves, not even tree branches; overall, nothing scary. All the nearby gyms, restaurants and transportation options were closed all day, so I was able to spend more than 24 straight hours with my husband. So nice.

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