Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today was a good day. My parents both slept in and had a relaxing, leisurely day. A dear friend came at 10am to spend time with Mom, allowing Dad to get out to the driving range and then home to shower. They enjoyed lunch with more friends, and Mom got in some great naps. I'm always happy when I hear of these restorative days, especially when Mom sounds happy and rested and not exhausted.

Gary and I celebrated our marriage with a New York reception that my fabulous in-laws hosted. Ross and Claudia, plus some very special people from Seattle, California and Chicago were in attendance in addition to our NY/NJ family and friends. It felt funny to be the pregnant "bride" but it was such a great opportunity to see many of the people that I've been missing with my frequent cross-country trips. Gary's extended family and friend network is very much like mine and it was an amazing day to be surrounded by love. And my parents received text messages, emails and video updates of the party: the speeches, the Beatles cover band (oh, yeah-that happened), and the many many well wishes for their future granddaughter.


  1. Oh... did you say granddaughter? Are you having a girl? :-) oh oh! so sweet! best wishes and congratulation for all of you.
    xoxo Marisa and Chad
    hugs and kisses to Flynne, we are thinking of her everyday.

  2. So wonderful! Congratulations to all of you!!!