Friday, August 26, 2011


Today we had one of our best meetings with Dr. C. Her skin metastasis has completely cleared up and her liver chemistry labs look pretty good. Based on how well she's feeling and looking, Dr. C. thinks that the Doxil is really working well for her. We feel fortunate to have access to it, when so many people across the country are dealing with shortages. It was great to hear him describe the shortages as "criminal;" I always like passion in a doctor and sometimes he seems to be a little mild mannered for my taste.

After chatting with Dr. C, Mom started her treatment. It's about 3 hours total for the premeds and the infusions to drip through, so Dad, Ross and I hung out, ate lunch and kept Mom company. Mom napped on and off after eating a great big sandwich and Pirate Booty. After arriving back at the Kline, Mom napped a little bit more, then had a good sized dinner. Ross asked the nurse at chemo what they give Mom to stimulate her appetite so much during chemo-we'd love to be able to have her eat this well all the time-but it turns out it's a steroid, so that's not something we can give her on a daily basis. We did get additional anti-nausea medications, so hopefully that will help her continue to eat more than she'd like.

I'm flying home tonight and plan to continue blogging daily, but if we lose power, that won't be possible. If not, don't worry, I'll be back with updates as soon as possible. In the meantime, know that I had a beautiful week. Mom is incredible.


  1. Good to hear about her Docile. Be safe, Ayns! Thinking of u and Gary. And always praying for all of you!!

  2. I meant doxil it changed it on my phone! :)