Tuesday, August 9, 2011




  • Last night's Book Club meeting was "awesome." No one really liked the book, but Mom loved getting together with everyone. I haven't heard her that enthusiastic about anything in a long time.
  • Additional physical therapy sessions were approved by insurance, so Mom will get to work with her fabulous therapist some more times. Very exciting amid the strength and balance setbacks
  • Mom woke up with a new inability to swallow. The doctor took chest X-rays and tested for thrush to investigate. Results should be in by Thursday. She was able to get one pill down all day and managed to eat a bit of breakfast and lunch-very soft food, very slowly. For dinner she's planning on dining on Chef Bob's specialty: PB&J
  • Mom was pretty nauseous and tired all day. She declined an exercise session with the PT aide and instead tried to rest and fight the nausea. Luckily, she takes the anti-nausea medication through her chest port and doesn't need to swallow.

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