Wednesday, August 24, 2011


There is a fine line between eating a little bit more than you'd like to and eating too much. Mom crossed it today at lunch and battled nausea the rest of the day. She constantly struggles to maintain her weight and arrest the weight loss (as of yesterday, she's down another pound, which she insists isn't true, but I'm not so sure). Despite not being hungry most of the time, she'll always make an effort to eat and try to eat past feeling satisfied. Today was no exception, but it pushed her over the edge a little bit. Also, this morning she refused her morning Zofran, which may have played a role in the afternoon queasiness.

Despite not feeling her best, she still walked a lot without her walker, rode the bike for 15 minutes, sat in the sun for a couple of hours and napped like a champ. This morning she wanted to exercise standing up at the side of her bed, so I acted as spotter as she walked in place and shifted her weight side to side without her walker or any balance help. So awesome.

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