Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today I got tested out by the physical therapist and am now cleared to walk with Mom. Though I will wait until tomorrow to test my skills unaided. Mom walked with her PT and the white cane again today and her PT noted improvement in balance and strength. Walking with the cane is exhausting: it's heavy, it requires a lot of concentration and it doesn't provide any stabilization: Mom needs to be in control of both it and herself. After tiring of the cane, Mom walked with me as her guide and the PT supervising. No walker, no assistance, just me holding the gait belt and Mom's arm to guide her directions. Pretty amazing.

After PT, Mom slept for about two and a half hours. It was wonderful-a long, uninterrupted afternoon nap. After that, Ross joined us and we spent a couple of hours outside in the sunshine and warmth, eating apricots and nectarines, talking about family. Glorious.

Mom also had the stitches taken out of her head today, finally. She was afraid it would hurt, but it went smoothly and so far, everything is staying sealed up and the CSF is staying inside her body, where it belongs.

So, in Mom's words:
Had a wonderful day--had both Ross and Aynsley here today, what could be wrong?

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