Saturday, August 27, 2011


I'm feeling very lucky today. I was able to get a flight into NYC a few hours ahead of the city completely shutting down; the Jetblue terminal this morning was pretty crazy. About half of the flights on the reader boards were listed as cancelled and the airports all shut down at noon. The plane I was on usually turns right back to Seattle, but today I was on its last flight.

My parents (typical Jewish parents) have been worrying all day. Take normal Jewish parent anxiety and quadruple it due to my pregnancy: we have spoken on the phone three times today and texted in between.

Mom had a great day. She was able to sleep in and spend a lot of time in the gorgeous Seattle sunshine. She took a long walk with my dad without her walker, and then rode the bike in the gym. One day post chemo: amazing. I'm so happy she was able to get the chemo on a Friday; the weekends are definitely recuperative for her and it's great for her to have two full days of rest if needed. Though today she exercised as though she had a workout with her physical therapy assistant. It's astounding how strong she is and how well she's feeling.

The rest of the day my parents sat glued to the TV, watching Hurricane Irene batter the coast and worrying about Gary, me and the Pea. We are all fine as of now: it's barely raining and we have lots of provisions. If you're on the east coast, stay safe!

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