Thursday, August 4, 2011


Mom had a comfortable night back at the Kline and is happy to be out of the hospital. Unfortunately, staying immobilized at a 45 degree angle for four days drained a lot of her hard-won strength and balance and she was very frustrated today when she tried to walk with her walker to the bathroom. She struggled a lot. Everyone has been assuring her that the strength will come back quickly, but she's still discouraged. Understandably so-it's so hard to go backwards in anything. But she was determined to keep walking to the bathroom, so she did and truly that's why her strength will come back quickly.

Though she is back in her original room, construction hasn't stopped throughout the building and the Blue Angels were flying and will continue to do so all through the weekend. Naps will be hard to come by, but I'm sure she will take advantage of any and all opportunities.

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