Monday, August 22, 2011


I finally landed about 9pm last night after a really freaking long day. I attempted to make a 7:45am flight, which took on every standby customer in line up to me, then was full. After a fairly major meltdown (please remember I am 5 months pregnant, had woken up at 5am to get to the airport and spent $50 on a cab because trains don't run that early on Sundays) I went home, went for a run, ate lots of broccoli for lunch and took the train back to the airport to wait for the 3:45pm flight. After another round of anxiety about getting turned down, I finally made it on the flight, last passenger on, in the last row. They made me check my carry-on, but I was so happy to be on my way to seeing Mom that I didn't care.

Then we were delayed for two hours.


Dad graciously picked me up at the airport and we were back at the Kline by 9:30. After hugs, kisses and some baby talk to my belly, Mom and I were asleep by 10. We slept until 5:30am when we finally needed a bathroom break. It was awesome: more than 7 hours straight. I don't often get that much consecutive sleep at home! Mom continued to sleep for the next few hours, which was nice. She got her pills down easily, ate all of breakfast and did about an hour of chi gong. Then lunch, which she ate almost all of (chicken, rice, green beans) and then a work out with the physical therapy aide. She walked up and down the hallways without a walker, only holding on to the PTA’s arm. Then she rode the bike for 15 minutes. Then more walking and stretching. Then a nap.

In the late afternoon, she snacked and did more exercises on her own. She looks stronger and healthier to me than the last time I was here, which was before the hospital stay. She skin has cleared up from the radiation, her hair is thick and growing into an adorable shaggy style, her gait is strong, her balance is solid and her mood is, as always, excellent.

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  1. So sorry for your awful travel day Aynsley. But, your report on Flynne is amazing! So glad to hear about all the strength she has gained. Sending love to everyone! XOXO