Tuesday, June 14, 2011


When I arrived to the Kline this morning a little before 10 am, mom was hungry. It wasn't just a "I could eat" hungry, it was a "I want a meal now" hungry. We ordered a tuna salad sandwich and mom ate half of it. A couple hours later she ate her lunch meal and then after radiation, she ate a healthy serving of dinner. After being weighed today, it looks like mom has lost 4 pounds. Mom insists that the scale here is inaccurate. I hope so, but her four meals today were very welcomed.

Mom felt good today. I am sleeping in the room tonight with her. It's the first time I have stayed with her all night since she left the hospital and it's the very first time I have stayed with her alone. It's quite different without papa bear leading the way. He has a very thought out and efficient system to making sure mom is fully taken care of. There are other responsibilities too, like getting her to the bathroom and making sure she takes all of her pills. I am glad to be here and have this extra time with mom, and I'm especially glad to let my dad sleep in his own bed tonight and have at least one night a week where he doesn't have to sleep on a mattress on the floor.

My parents dedication to each other and my sister and I has been unyielding. Your dedication to our family has been the same. Thank you everyone.

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