Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It is wonderful to be in Seattle today, the first full day of summer. I went with Mom to her second to last radiation appointment; she is always a trooper. And the team is just so lovely, I can't say enough good things about them. When I walked in, the main nurse rushed up to give me a hug and congratulate me on the pregnancy (my parents aren't the best secret-keepers in the world) and as I saw each technician, they all did the same. But their true nature came to me as they were getting Mom in position on the table and getting the radiation machine all set up. The piece that administers the radiation needs to be positioned right next to Mom's elbow. So, as they move it in place, someone always has their hand on Mom's elbow, protecting it from hitting the machine. A nudge is all it would be; it wouldn't be painful or startling, but that's just the way they operate. In every aspect of their care, they are gentle and thoughtful and caring. We've worked with many wonderful staff over the past 6 months, but this team consistently puts a hand on everyone's elbows. I almost asked the technician about it today, wondering if they all get kindness training when they are first hired.

Mom's stomach hasn't been wonderful today, but it's not awful. She napped a bit after radiation and slept up an appetite for ribs, greens from Ross's garden and potato salad. I'm sure Gary is sorry he missed out. I'm sleeping at my parent's house tonight: I'm fighting a cold and it's not losing gracefully. Tomorrow I plan to have a girl's night sleepover.

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