Wednesday, June 29, 2011


That fluid seeping from Mom's surgical site yesterday started up again today, so my parents are headed back to Overlake tonight to see the neurosurgeon who put it in. It's possible that something somewhere around there is infected. The reservoir may need to be removed, which will likely happen tomorrow, though I suppose it's possible to happen tonight. In any case, they are sleeping at Overlake tonight.

This is where the time change kills me. It will be the middle of my night before they know anything.

Other than the mysterious seeping, Mom had a nice day. She worked out with the PT assistant, which means she got a lot of walking and stretching in, and she got caught up with some cousins, which she enjoyed. She and Ross slept in this morning and had a good night last night; she sounded well and not really concerned about the reservoir. I don't know if we all just put on a brave face in the midst of brain surgery or if she really is just accepting of everything at this point. Not that she ever wasn't-every surgery, every treatment, every poke and prod Mom welcomed without complaint and without hesitation. I'm too afraid of epidural medication to want to give birth at a hospital and Mom is gamely heading into brain surgery without fear. I still have so much to learn.


  1. Lillia was born at home last year, so let me know if you want any tips or advice (or if Gary wants some advice on what the guy should be doing!)

  2. Thanks, Joe! So far Gary has just identified everything in our apartment that can be used to catch the placenta. He may need more to do :-)