Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ross stayed with Mom last night and, by both accounts, it was great. Ross was so excited at the prospect and I'm thrilled that both of them had a nice time. In my experience, the nights are fine, but the morning time you get to spend one on one is the real reward. I am always able to sleep when I stay; I don't know how true that is for Dad and Ross (the 3 hour time difference helps me), but it's always such a treat to have all of that one on one time.

Mom had a nice day today. She was feeling good, though lately she's been cold. I suspect the weight loss has something to do with that-there's no fat on her at all. When she goes in for radiation treatment, they give her a heated blanket as soon as she arrives, then another one to take back with her. My parents bring the blankets back the next day and trade for a newly warmed one. Have I mentioned how much I love the radiation oncology team?? They are so so so wonderful. I'm heading to Seattle next week and am excited that Mom's treatment won't quite be finished so I can go with and see the team.

I don't know if Mom really hasn't lost those 4 pounds, I haven't seen her since Memorial Day. Though I suspect she's basing that on her appetite and how much she's eating instead of how much she actually weighs. I'm thrilled that her stomach has been feeling good the past week and that she's been able to eat. But that week of extreme discomfort could have easily set her back four pounds. In any case, as I try to always focus on a) the positive and b) the present, here we are in a pretty nice spot. Mom is comfortable, has an appetite, and is having lots of fun with her friends. So she needs an extra blanket here and there. We can provide that.

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