Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Sorry, I had one task for the blog, to write a quick recap of yesterday, and I got home last night and went straight to bed. Well, yesterday mom worked with her PT and she was walking down the hall with very very little support. Her PT had her arms out to catch my mom incase she fell, but other than that, it was all mom. She was walking great. Her PT has suggested my mom get a walking stick, believing that perhaps a great deal of her difficulty walking is a result of not knowing what's in front of her. Having a walking stick would allow her some extra guidance and confidence which may greatly increase her independence. We will see. Mom ate quite well yesterday too. I'm with mom now and asked her if she wanted to add anything.

We had a nice, very relaxing monday evening together, enjoying each other's company. Aynsley is on her way back home to New York it's always great to see her come, and hard to see her go. Today, I'm excited to listen to some guitar playing (I've got my guitar here today and we're about to start singing).

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