Friday, June 24, 2011


And, boy, did Mom catch up on sleep today. Last night we slept with the windows open and listened to the rain fall all night. Mom was up once to pee, I was up four times. Mom slept until 8 or so, then we had a few hours to ourselves, which was great. Mom dozed on and off throughout the morning and early afternoon, then walked up and down the halls without a walker, with only the therapist gently touching her hip bones. She ate a great lunch, then slipped into a two and a half hour nap. When she finally woke up, she wasn't feeling great. She was a bit nauseous, achey and crampy, but that subsided by 9pm ish. She didn't eat any dinner due to the discomfort. But she still enjoyed listening to the banter of all of the visitors today, sometimes dozing to their stories, sometimes fully engaged in conversation.

I think she was just overtired from the weeks of radiation and travel. Today was really about rest and restoration, massages and stories. I'm glad I was able to be there for so many hours in a row.

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