Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today was hectic and lovely. We had a constant stream of visitors from 9:30am on. Mom was thrilled. At 1pm, after not having a chance to nap because she was too busy chatting, Mom did her best physical therapy session ever. The PT said she was practically running down the hallway. Then at 3pm, still no nap, Mom headed to her last radiation appointment. There were lots of hugs and wishes sent as we left, though Mom has a follow up appointment next week just to check up on the rash and make sure it isn't bothering her too much.

Last night it itched all night. The fabulous radiation oncology nurse told us all that it might get worse before it gets better, but it should start getting better soon. She's always so honest and real-tells it like it is, which we all so appreciate. So far, tonight it seems to be itchy, but manageable.

Dad finally consented to let me stay the night with Mom. He kept trying to get me to postpone, but finally relented at 9pm when he left. My cold is almost gone and I feel 100% fine. I've been wearing a mask all the time I'm with Mom and think that tonight will be fine. And I'm very much looking forward to our morning time tomorrow.

The radiation left a large red mark across Mom's chest-it looks like a bad sunburn and seems to feel that way, too. But the rash has receded a bit and should continue to do so.

Mom's hair is growing back. The one thing they told us absolutely would not happen.

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