Monday, June 6, 2011


Mom has had a stomach ache for four days now. It seems to be getting worse each day. Yesterday, she mentioned that she was uncomfortable, but still was able to eat. Today, she couldn't eat much after breakfast. Though she still exercised today-she went for a long walk in the hall and did other, not stomach related, exercises.

Dad drove to radiation again today and the treatment went well, but they arrived a little early and had to wait for the appointment time, so it turned into a longer than normal day. Tomorrow is chemotherapy and radiation, so they'll go via ambulance. Tomorrow will likely be a longer and less comfortable, day than today, but I'm hopeful that since her appointments are early in the day, she'll be able to be back in bed by the early afternoon and rest.

Tomorrow she should also be able to speak with the doctor on staff and see what's going on with her stomach. It's frustrating to me that she's been so uncomfortable for so many days. It must be infinitely more frustrating for her.

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