Thursday, June 16, 2011


Since I will be missing Father's Day in Seattle, we decided that the Kirshenbaum Father's Day will actually be Sunday, June 26th. Dad and Ross will hit the links while Mom and I have a girlie morning and then we'll all have dinner together. Hopefully the weather will be even better then than this coming Sunday.

The exciting plan for this weekend is a field trip home for Mom. She hasn't been to the house since December and is really looking forward to it. They plan to stay for a few hours and see how it feels. Mom has spent some time away from medical facilities while at the park, but this will be the first time really having a destination that's actually some distance away from that world. I'm so excited for her.

So, today was really about future plans. Yes, they're all plans for the near future, but it still feels like progress.

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