Saturday, June 25, 2011


We had lovely Saturday. The weather cooperated and we were able to get some sun on the back patio. Mom felt well all day; she got a few good naps in and ate all three meals and snacks, though moderate amounts. I can't really tell if she's eating less than she did the last time I was here, but it seems like maybe her appetite isn't as strong. Though Ross mentioned that he's noticed the break in chemo has been good for her appetite. She always asks how she did when finishing a meal. "Did I do at least half?" or "I must be doing well with this, right?" Again, not being able to see if a hindrance; she has no idea how much food she should be getting through. For the average American, this is actually a wonderful practice: eat slowly until you're satisfied, not until the plate is empty. But in Mom's case, where she could really stand to double her calories, I wish she had a visual cue to shoot for.

I'm staying overnight with Mom again tonight and looking forward to it.

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