Friday, June 3, 2011


The day began well. A great breakfast, a great workout, a nice lunch and a solid nap. The day two of radiation (and day three of driving there)...not so great.

After two days of treatment, sitting in Seattle weekend traffic on the way home was not pleasant. Mom was exhausted, uncomfortable and ready to be back in bed, but traffic had other ideas. As soon as she got back to the Kline, she was down for the count. And then some. By 7:30, she was still asleep and my dad was counting on her good breakfast to keep her belly happy until she woke up and was able to eat some dinner.

So, the driving 5 days a week thing may be reconsidered. Next Tuesday Mom has chemo again, so she'll definitely be transported via ambulance that day. And maybe an additional day during the week, too. Driving in the car is awesome, but needs to be comfortable and sitting up is still hard work. I'm glad she has this weekend to recuperate a bit.

In fantastic, wonderful, beautiful news, Mom could see the radiation oncologist's hand. She was seeing shadows better today than in a long time and as he reached for her, she could not only see that something was coming, she recognized it as a hand. So, once again, I'm asking everyone to say a little prayer, send a little vibe or in some other way visualize her getting her vision back. It would be such a game changer. With her increased strength and stability, having her vision could actually mean some level of independence. She could be mobile and self sufficient in a lot of ways that the vision is preventing right now. And, though this is the pettiest thing ever, she could see the wedding photos. I brought them to Seattle last weekend and it was so sad that she couldn't see them. She looked so damn good, and I think seeing that, and seeing herself, would just be so powerful. So, please, any spare energy you can send her way would be much appreciated.

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  1. Beautiful family pictures, no doubt about the gorgeous bride and the elegant mother! ( ok boys are cute too...
    there is no day that I don't think about you Flynne, I keep and keep sending prayers and positive energy to you and your family.
    hugs and kisses.
    Marisa and Chad