Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Mom had another great day today. After a fabulous PT session yesterday, including a pretty intense IT band massage, she worked hard again today, walking with minimal assistance and doing lots of stretches. Ross was able to hang out with her for most of the day and is spending the night with her tonight. I'm envisioning a sing along; Ross has his guitar and Mom likes to jam.

Yesterday Mom had some a small amount of fluid seeping from the site where her OMaya Reservoir was implanted-the doctor on call took a look and called Dr. C and the neurosurgeon who put it in in the first place-but is was a very little amount and it didn't bother her, cause a headache or look like an infection of any kind. She just isn't supposed to wear a hat if the surgical site is uncovered. The Kline team put some gauze on it, but Mom didn't even really miss having a hat. Her hair is growing in, fine and soft, and salt and pepper color. Some spots look gray, but some look dark brown. Kind of funny for a life long blonde. If it keeps growing in, she should have a cute little pixie style in a few months (with a couple of bald spots where maybe radiation was heaviest)

I flew home today. I had an interesting TSA fiasco (always happens at Sea Tac for some reason) which involved me being felt up not once but twice and testing positive for explosive material not twice but four times. Despite this, I was still on time for my flight and made it home by 5:30pm. I'm hoping I'm able to fall asleep at a reasonable EST bedtime tonight and be able to chat with Mom and Ross tomorrow morning.

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