Sunday, June 26, 2011


We celebrated Father's Day today, a week late. Dad golfed with Ross and his brother and nephew in the morning and early afternoon. The weather was perfect. Mom and I went to a meeting of a charitable contribution group that she's involved in. The ladies were nice enough to meet at the Kline instead of the regular location, and even nicer to let me sit in. I tried to respect the group and keep my mouth shut, but of course had little success. I read on a baby development site that from the time the fetus develops ears, its favorite sound is its mother's voice. Gary finds this hilarious and appalling-I may be slightly overly talkative (annoying) and tend to sing frequently and badly and Gary feels sorry for our child who will have a warped sense of a nice sounds. The group was lovely, though, and Mom really enjoyed "seeing" them again. Any and all semblances of normalcy are always appreciated.

Dad and Ross returned to the Kline late in the afternoon and we all trekked over to my parent's house for our Father's Day California Pizza Kitchen dinner. Mom's brother and his family joined us and we all sat at the dining room table, enjoying the meal and the company. And the fact that the Kirshenbaums were able to host a dinner party, in any capacity. Mom seemed to enjoy the field trip, but was pretty tired by 7:30pm and ready to go back.

Between the meeting this morning and leaving for home this afternoon, Mom slept. About 3 hours. She is noticeably more tired than the last time I was here, taking longer and more frequent naps and sleeping more during the night. I try not to worry and remind myself that fatigue is a very common side effect of radiation. And she has basically had radiation every 5 days out the 7 since I was here last. She also is having a slightly more difficult time walking to the bathroom and adjusting herself in the bed. Again, most likely due to being exhausted. I know this on an intellectual level, but it's hard to turn off that little voice in my head that wonders about the things we can't see. And worries.

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